Skill Set overview

What we can do

Product Design

We’re a New York industrial design studio with a team of various designers and engineers who fit the stereotype… designer shoes, jeans and eyeglasses.

Design engineering

Design engineering is the process to figuring out the best way to solve problems and make things work.


Not every business has the budget to create a custom product and website. We are comprehensive business with all the solutions you need in one place.

Custom Design

We believe that every client is distinct, every project unique. Our style is clean, elegant, and simple in the principles of design.

3D Printing

Professional additive manufacturing services for the defense. aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture. consumer goods and industrial markets.

Information Technology

More important than your site’s professional image, is that you must provide great content and data for your audience.

Meeting all your product design, marketing and web development needs in one place

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Additional services

Our professional services are the keys to your success

Web Application

Web applications runs in web browser and include various functions.

Graphic Design

Crafting unique experiences by enhancing usability and pleasure for interaction.

IT Solutions

Advertising and marketing technology for more engagement. Video walls, Digital signage,

Mass production

Manufacture of large quantities of products, using assembly line technologies.